Saturday, February 27, 2010

“Air Hostess”

Air Hostess, one of few novels that make me feel dry and cry. The novel is about a middle-class lady picking up profession of air hostess as a career. The author did a fantastic work in narrating the struggle behind those beautiful smiles. The lady in the novel led a struggle against regular middle class living. Her beauty has provoked a business person who caused her a trouble to get her in flesh. She was possibly proven lucky when another noted business person has submitted the feedback in her favor.

The lady is torn between the love of this young business tycoon and her maternal uncle who was been wished as her fiancé by her family. She has to face continuous pestering from other business person who is desperate to bed with her.

Not much was left to say but for the sorrow ending for the air hostess who perishes in act of sacrifice the flight when a terrorist plants a bomb. It was then the both business persons who are in same flight during the incident realize that they cannot equal her courage and are deeply felt her sacrifice. The gentleman who wanted her in flesh was shaken to see her as puddle of flesh and other was tearful to see her heart flown out of her body.

I have read this novel only once but have the feeling of being in the same flight.

Wonder I would have same praise for the author incase the character was successful with life out the flight. DEATH attracts ones’ attention!!

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