Saturday, February 27, 2010

Who Am I ?

In flesh and not one of five elements [Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Sky] that I learnt of. Have no clue on the reason for my stand on this Earth or target to achieve to stop my tread. Breath, Feel and Sense built my belief on LIFE. But LIFE has always remained a mystery. I have felt DEATH is what causes LIFE but sometimes think DEATH is ultimate in LIFE.

As per Indian mythology, SOUL never ends journey. DEATH is a transition to next LIFE. But always puzzled why this SOUL do not carry anything over transition? Is that this SOUL is burdened with sins we commit and cleanse itself with DEATH? Or do little ones hold some memory of their previous lives. Smiles of new born during their sleep always make me puzzled. Perhaps they are rewinding some of their thoughts of their previous life. Otherwise what make them smile when they cannot even recognize their parents.

While I was child, I remember this dream which makes me believe that I hold some memories of previous life. In that dream, I see a group of three men walking in a cave, may be excavating archeologists, are attacked by ferocious mammal. All are surprised and one is killed before he realized the attack by animal. Never this dream extended beyond this point. I have never seen such thing in my real life. Never went into any cave as well. I believe that is my previous life. YES. The man killed by the animal is ME!!!

Never able to recollect the man’s face. Always wonder must gone through on man’s family.

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